Thursday, June 25, 2009

They only see you with their fear

and they only hear you with their pride.

Patrick Wolf > Life right now.

Ugh,I'm so down. I'm so hormonal and frustrated and I have Writer's Block which is actually the most pathetic thing I can think of. I have been searching for the Fleet Foxes (well,their album) for ages now to no avail. And nobody will give me the download link. And The Killers covered one of their songs at The Hove Festival and it's not on Youtube. Ickkkk.

My mother is also really pissing me off.
Keri stays in all day and watches TV/re-reads/sits at her laptop,Mam says "You needn't think you're arseing around the house all summer!"
Keri goes to Dublin to see a gig. Mam says "You needn't think you're fucking off to Dublin and gigs all summer."
Keri arranges to stay with a friend tomorrow night. Mam says "You needn't think you're going to be meeting friends and staying out of the house all summer."

I'm also really hormonal,which sucks. I'm going to go stare into space and blink. Or else I'll go insane,even more than I already am. I need a break from this break.


  1. I could send you FF via msn if you get desperate!?

  2. Yeah, my address is in my profile there, add me whenever and I'll throw it into a sharing folder!