Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday,Brandon Flowers!

I take the piss a lot when it comes to Brandon Flowers. I mock him consistently and plan to terrify him by sending him babygros with #621621621 stitched into them. I call him all kinds of names on CAPS,and bitch about his hair and feather love. I yell at him for letting boylove go to waste,and photoshop his head onto anything and everything. I save animations and icons of him tripping,falling,making a fool of himself in any way. I try to link CAPS to everything on Youtube,because we're convinced he has a RSS feed on that shit. On every available occasion,I jest about his Mormonism and all of his secret STIs. God,I love CAPS. Truth be told,though,I completely adore him. Nobody will ever be able to understand just how much he means to me. Sounds stalkery, but seriously,his music,his undeniable good looks and his ghey personality have saved me. Even though you're in Vegas now,Brandon,and you're probably still asleep,happy birthday. Have a good one on me,and try not to freak the fuck out too much. :)

Picture time! :D I was originally going to chronicle his ~*~*~development~*~*~ over the years,but instead I will do what he wouldn't want me to and keep it simple.


Happy birthday,you beauty.


  1. I think I have most of it out of my system to be honest :(