Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slipping,slipping,slipping....don't let go

Well,that's me finished. What a distinct sense of "meh" lingers ominously in the air. It will take a while to get used to the guilt subsiding,I'm certainly not used to this feeling of...relaxation. Where is the foreboding?! Where is the panic?! Where is my French book?! Why am I listening to the Backstreet Boys?! I'll calm down now. Brief analysis of my 10 papers to follow. Sweet. Two months of self torture coming my way! Sigh.

English Paper 1: I am,I do confess,an English Paper 1 rapist. Or at least I was before that monstrosity was unleashed. I exaggerate,but once I got out of my admittedly kick ass Sections A and B and onto the composition,the shit hit the fan. Everyone knows that it is at best unwise to give Keri options. In general,Keri is a hopeless flake who can't make a decision,so when faced with seven full blown wonderful possibilities, Keri has problems. And oh,problems Keri had. I picked one,trashed out a page,despised it, crossed it out,picked another,trashed out a paragraph,didn't like it...and so went the cycle until there was thirty minutes left and I desperately attempted that stupid education one again. Less than two pages,piece of crap,tears, home. Lovely. That was the day I kissed goodbye to my A1 in English and efectively decided Law was a mile out of reach.

Maths Paper 1 was a pleasant surprise. Keri's aim in maths was a pass of any description and she came out of Paper 1 on track for a C or,shockhorror!!!!, a B. Oh,the naivety.

English 2 was meh. Forgot about the unseen poem,which was amusing for those who sat around me when I yelled "WANK" in the middle of it. Like most of the country,I said I lost my own beloved Grandfather to Alzheimer's.... Ah,teh lulz. Macbeth was sound,Bishop was grand,my comparative was a pile of shite,and so the general mood was "meh,it was alright." Mam asked me did I think I got an A,I shot her a dirty look and went to dry cry. That's potent stuff,that dry crying.

Maths 2 was such a disaster after the "YAY!" of maths 1,and now I'm doubting my pass to be honest. Damn probability question lacking in probability. Nice vectors question,though. CLING to the positives,CLING mightily on,ride forth...I digress. 'Twas shit,the indefinite article.

At this stage I was feeling very disillusioned with the whole Leaving cert thing. Irish Paper 1 cheered me up a little though. It did a fine job of rallying the troops. Now I'm a lazy whore,so I didn't actually prepare/learn an essay. So I plumped for the Things That Are Important In My Life As a ~Teenager one,just because I could. A valiant plan,I must say. I cracked myself up while writing this wonderful essay about politics (two whole lines!!!!), the internet (a fair enough paragraph), my boyfriend(and here is where the plan took hold.) You see,my non existent boyfriend goes to a different school,and I never get to see him. Damn this Leaving Cert. Oh,by the way,the Leaving Cert is pretty important too,whether or not I want it to be. I think there's too much pressure on young people these days,wouldn't continuous assessment be a grand way to go about things? Oh,the focus we out on the academic! and so forth. All this BS from fifth year popped into my head and I just couldn't say no. Suck on that,SEC. The comprehensions were lovely,though. And the aural was great,I love the aural. Don't know how I listened though,my mind was everywhere. So,it went pretty good.

Paper 2? Not so good. Bleuuggggggggggggh is the word that springs to mind. Not for the first time,I was tempted to conjugate the verb "to fuck" in place of my stair answers. Those nasty wankers,I thought they couldn't do that. Well I knew they could but it didn't cross my mind as being within the realms of possibility. Oh,and Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa and Gealt?? D: Bitch,please. I especially depise Gealt,as I so eloquently wrote on my exam paper "I detest this more than I can say." I think I called it funny or humourous or something but my mind was filled with ~gealtachas and such so I really can't be held responsible. The Prose question was grand and I was happy with An Máthar coming up,it was the only poem we revised in class so I made a good attempt. Irish,overall: Meh.

French. French and I have the most fascinating relationship. I adore it. I hate it. I adore it. I hate it. It's cyclical,really,but generally it's just that I hate grammar/written work and love the reading/speaking bit. We didn't indulge in all that much listening,apparently that's dull. Whatevs. But I was bricking it for the exam. Completely bricking it. I was,therefore,pleased when I could understand the comprehensions,make an grammatically retarded stab at the written pieces (oh,L'internet? Je suis accro....") and the aural was a piece of piss. I took to tapping my pen off the desk throughout the third plays. Hopefully I dragged up my disasterous oral,although judging by how happy everyone was with the exam,the marking scheme will be a bitch and I'll die.

4 days off,a mini party! A trip to Newry, harrassing Ayman Molyeldin, twittering, LJ whoring, reading examiner's reports... Redefining the boundaries of standard procrastination. This was followed by a panic. Physics,oh the great unholy mind fuck that it is,threatened to crucify me. I calmed down and established an ingenious MO; study electricity well. I'm good at that,I can so get an A. Pahahahahahahahaha. Yeah,so I went in, with the other physics student and an external candidate,got the paper and discovered there were no electricity questions to be seen. Now,someone has tried arguing with me and saying that thing on capacitance was electricity but they're wrong. Oh,they're so wrong. I wept inwardly. Where was my current electricity? Where was my electromagnetism? Where had my sanity gone? Needless to say it was car crash stuff after that. Terrible. I salvaged little,and emerged on the verge of tears,clutching the paper in my hand. I know now that I was being overly dramatic but at that point in time it felt both logical and natural to shake the page and curse and give death stares. I was deeply depressed after that. So instead of going home to get stuck into Chemistry,I went to Newry!

So Chemistry was yesterday,and it was grand. Well,excepting question 3 which I foolishly did despite my inept subsitute teacher telling us not to worry,they couldn't possily put those up. I should've known better,she's a fool,but she was feeding my denial and that felt good. Until yesterday. It was good apart from that,although I kissed goodbye to yet another potential A1. Any other experiment would've been nailed. I was (foolishly) relying on getting all three of them so I could disregard water and such. Meh. Question 5 was one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen though. If I could marry question 5,I would.

And onto Economics,the final exam! It was meh,as the pattern dictates. The supervisor guy in the centre asked me when does my Leaving Cert end,because I've been in what has been affectionately termed "the freak centre" all this week. I told him today and he seemed happy. The paper was meh. Reasonable. Tedious. And of course,picking four questions from eight proved interesting. I got through it though,somehow. I yawned a lot. When it was over,I felt nothing. The other five were jumping around screaming,hugging,all the usual but I was apathetic. Indifferent. And so,I left in this frame of mind and went home.

Pity I'm repeating,so.

Okay,so now for some non-Leaving Cert related crap.

I love you,iJoy Ride. I do,don't doubt it.

0.33. Oh,Dave. Dave,Dave,Dave. I adore you <3
Brandon stumbling/falling made me laugh quite hard.

a) classic spoof.
b) product of Leila,therefore full of win.

Ah,TV beckons. Guilt-free! :D


  1. Another law hopeful amid all the med hopefuls!

    I wouldn't beat yourself up about it too much - I'm pretty much counting on points coming down if I'm to get in! :(

    Where is your first choice? :)

  2. There are so many people wanting to do medicine,it scares me! I'm glad you have found another Law hopeful :)

    The points will need to fall by 50 or so for me to have any chance :( I have plenty of time to pray,though.

    I only have Law and then Law and Political Science in Trinity down,because I'll be commuting from Dundalk. Although I think it was you who pointed out DCU are launching one so I need to take a look at that :)

    What do you have down yourself? :)

  3. OMG that's so weird. Are you almostnever? (or something to that effect...!)

    (If you've no idea what I'm talking about... Yeah, I'm going to look pretty strange. Aha!)

    Dundalk...that's a fair commute. Same line! I'd be coming from Rush & Lusk. Very jealous that you may get a seat every morning :P

    ...I gather you now know what I have down! :P

  4. Yeah, all this swearing combined with Brandon Flowers just makes this a quality read. Cheers.

  5. SarcasticFairy- Yep,that's me :) It's strange how things work out,isn't it? I always ask people stuff like that and they never have a clue what I'm talking about :P

    Yeah,I'm going to be wrecccccked all the time,really looking forward to that. Ah cool,I think I actually know where that is. There are ways around the seat issue ;)

    Ah,I do indeed! Impressive CAO you got there,I must say :)

    Cautioner-anytime :) It's his birthday today so I'm going to spam like shit later :P